What does "Remember ID and Password" Mean?

When you sign in using your Account Name and password, your browser can "remember" this information. Check the box and you won't have to sign in each time you come back.

Important: You should always remember your Account Name and password or write them down in a safe place.

Should I check it or not?

If you are concerned that other people might accidentally use your account, do not check the "Remember my ID & Password" box. Be sure to close your browser when you leave your computer. This will ensure that we ask for an Account Name and Password the next time you access the this application.

If you use a shared computer (in a library, Internet cafe, university, airport or other common area) DO NOT check the "Remember my ID & Password" checkbox.

What if I change my mind?

You can always un-check the checkbox. This will remove your login information.

How does this work?

We do this with something called persistent cookies. When you check or un-check the "Remember my ID & Password" box, it edits a cookie stored on your computer that holds this information.

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